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School starts for me today. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology that I spent 10 years earning. It took me 10 years because in between I got really sick, married, had a baby, and finished up everything online. I am currently half-way through the school part of my Master’s Program, and I have a goal to finish that before I am 40. 🙂 Since I plan to also be a Certified Health Coach, a Certified Life Coach, a Marriage and Family Therapist, and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, this is a lofty goal. The hardest part about graduate school is the lack of Pell grants and scholarships. Student loans will be the end of me if I’m not careful, which is why I love the service from Campus Book Rentals.

I am a book lover, and like to hold my books, read them, mark them up and then use them to refer to over and again, however, there are some books and some courses that just aren’t worth the expense. This is where this fabulous service comes in. Campus Book Rentals lets you rent the textbooks, mark them up and then return them for a fraction of the cost of what normal textbook purchases run. I have compared many of my textbooks and know that I will be using this service to help my budget this year and in the years to come. Not every book needs to be on my shelf.

They also offer non-textbooks to rent and read, which is fabulous, and donate a portion of all their proceeds to Operation Smile, which makes them officially cool. Add that to FREE shipping both ways, and I know where to go to get all my books.

So how does it all work? Check out the link below.

CampusBookRentals.com FAQ’s :

Also, just in case you aren’t convinced, I compared book prices for this year, and here are some results.

I have had to read multiple Child Development Books, and they run around $70 each. After the third or fourth book it isn’t worth it for me to own every copy. This book is only $17 for the semester. Considerable savings, and I can use it like I would a normal textbook then return it when I am finished.


There are hundreds of other books that I am just itching to check out. I would use this service even if I wasn’t in school. I love to read, and love nonfiction. I am constantly trying to improve my mind and gain greater understanding as to how us humans think and function. This service opens new doors for research and understanding, and is a great source for all of us cash-strapped moms, students and parents.

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