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Damon First: Let’s start this off with I am a big fan of the comics and the infinity stones. I bought the
Infinity Gauntlet Series when it first came out, I bought the Infinity Wars Series, and the Infinity Crusades when they came out and I wanted to see this . . . but I have to wait a whole year for this to end. Now to the movie.

It was awesome, grandiose, dark, game-changing, and even fun every so often. You will love the interaction of characters in this movie. They are what I have waited for. No spoilers but here are few pairings I want you to think about.  Tony Stark (Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist) and Doctor Strange (Alpha Male Surgeon, Sorcerer Supreme) are fantastic and should not be left alone together. Thor (“I don’t get that reference.”) and Star Lord (nothing but references) should have had more time together, but what time they did share great. Finally, all the women from Black Panther and everyone they talk to just make me happy during the entire movie.

The movie’s start sets the tone for the movie. I have to let my 13-year-old autistic son see this movie, but a lot of will require preparation. I can tell you that there will be some mad fan girls out there throwing popcorn at the screen. I’m not saying it is bad, but when you base this movie on the idea of an all powerful bad guy that wants to kill half of all the universe, you are going to have to break a few eggs. Based on the comic book alone they did a good job with the story. You don’t know what will happen from one turn to the next and you can only hold your breath and wait for the next shoe to drop.

Damon at the Movies

As I sat on Stan Lee’s Star in front of the Brendon Theater in the Palms Casino, contemplating the movie and what will happen in one year. My mind sort of flipped. I thought, “Well that is the way is should have gone.” Then my heart came in and said, “What, are they crazy? I can’t take a year to find out what will happen! I need the resolution! I need a happy ending where Thor and Groot are sitting in a Deli in New York laughing it up!” Still, I can’t have what my heart wants. I must wait a whole year and look forward to the future. Antman and Wasp will explain something, maybe? Captain Marvel may be needed to save the day? Maybe the X-men can join the group and we can see the Dark Phoenix go up against the gauntlet.

Whatever the future holds, I sit here imagining what can happen and waiting to see Stan Lee’s next cameo.

Natalie Here: I loved the opportunity to preview Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. It was awesome and everything I have come to expect from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While my husband is a fan, has read the comic books, and then avoided all possible spoilers, I had to do a little research on Thanos and the Avengers, and I am glad I did. I will throw in a caution or two. If you have a sensitive kid, preview this film! If my son were younger, he would have to wait to see it will still need to prepare him for parts of the film. Other sections he’ll love. This movie has a darker tone, and is definitely part 1 of 2. I still sat enthralled by it. I laughed, cried, clasped my hands so tightly together that it hurt my fingers and had a hard time walking out of the theater. The audience with us talked all through the credits and out the door.

I love the fact that all Disney movies have some kind of moral or life lesson that my son and I can discuss. I tend to try and help him see how themes in movies are resolved and can be applied to our own lives (or how they could never happen). Black Panther led to many wonderful discussions in our household. There are already several things that I cannot wait to get his thoughts on. Someone asked me if the should see Black Panther first. You should definitely catch up with all the past movies to get the full impact and grandeur of the movie. And Black Panther is a must! Black Panther is my favorite so far, but I can see Infinity War taking its place depending on how they close the story. I hate waiting, but this is something that is fun to anticipate and look forward towards.



By Natalie

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