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Tell them News Wahl sent you 🙂

Diamond Candles are really hot these days and you can see the great reception it’s getting from all the reviews and giveaways on the web! And why not? You can get a ring worth $10 to $5,000 with every candle! And of course, the Kindle Fire is still the leading Android tablet in the market!

And since Bay Area Mommy will be celebrating its 1st year anniversary on July 27, we’re gonna have a Kindle Fire & Diamond Candles giveaway with 2 winners!!!

Giveaway Dates: July 25 – August 15
Signup Fee: FREE for 1st link,
$3 for each additional link
Open worldwide. If the winner is not from the US, he/she will get the cash equivalent.

To signup:
– Post about the signups on your blog (or $5 if you don’t want to post about the signups)
– Fill out the form below.
– Send the fee (if applicable) via Paypal to alice@bayareamommy.com.

You can bid for a follow page in the signup form below to gain more pageviews from this giveaway. I’ll get as many people for this as I would need (depends on how many bloggers sign up). The highest bidder will get the FIRST FACEBOOK FOLLOW PAGE. The second highest bidder will get the 2nd FB follow page and so on. These top bidders will also have their links moved up to the 1st follow page. Please take note that this bid is on top of the $3/additional link fee.

Money received from the follow pages will go towards purchasing the prizes which is worth a total of $270 (including the referral prize).

Whoever refers the most number of other bloggers in the giveaway will get a $20 Amazon GC.


10 thoughts on “Free Blogger Opportunity

  1. Tim says:

    This is a great blog — love it!

  2. Tim says:

    No doubt — I’ve heard these candles are great.

  3. kamilah says:

    definitely keeping an eye out

  4. I will check this one out

    1. Julie O'Brien says:

      thank you for the link

  5. I am not a blogger.but I’ll enter gladly and hope to win !

  6. Tim says:

    Yeah, diamond candles rock!

  7. Tina says:

    love these candles

  8. Chelsea Saulpaugh says:

    jump* not just

  9. Chelsea Saulpaugh says:

    If I was a blogger, I would just on this offer. It sounds great!

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