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How to Kill a Blog! OR Where oh Where Have my Readers Gone?

I tell my husband that I need to blog everyday, but I cannot do it everyday. There are apparently rules for effective blogging, and I follow none of them. Here are some things I learned on Pinterest about blogging that I totally fail at. 1. Blog consistently. – I have a chronic illness. I never know what the day will bring, and I suffer from anxiety, meaning some days I cannot put myself out there. It’s too hard. I’m too worried about what people will think or say. Recent newsworthy events show me I am not alone in my struggles with anxiety and depression, but there are many that think I should keep it to myself. 2. Use visuals. – I suck at drawing and have no clue how to create graphics. It is something I am learning, but I don’t even know how to use my camera well. I...
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Head Games

My son has started playing video games in his head. He can tell you the statistics, the layout, and all the attack and other information in great detail, to a game that he invented and plays in his mind when we won’t let him play on a gaming device. It is a little like having an imaginary friend. It is a lot compulsive, and really annoying to listen to all the details of a game that only he can see. It was a problem when we had to start setting times when he could play/collect at school so it didn’t interrupt his schooling. I often wonder how he’ll get through adulthood. 🙂 I love that his creativity is growing, and that he has developed this in his mind. Often, Asperger’s kids can’t think up new things and are stuck repeating only what they have seen or heard. His imaginative skills...
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Sleep and Fatigue

Nature’s Sleep is having a promotion! Use the code BEARS50 to get 50% off the entire site as well as free shipping. I am saving up for one of their fabulous mattresses. Hopefully it won’t take too much longer as our mattress is getting old. My son could really use a new mattress too. So, I bring up mattresses cause I think they’re cool and because fatigue is a huge part of my life. Sometimes there are nights and days where I cannot sleep because the pain is overwhelming and/or I am just to wound up. I have tried several types of sleeping medications, and techniques. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. It just so happens that I have all kinds of sleep issues. I have trouble falling asleep. I wake up every morning between 2-4 and have a hard time going back to sleep, and then once I’m asleep...
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When Depression Wins – Warning not Light Reading.

I suffer from Chronic Major Depressive Disorder. It isn’t fun, happy or good. Everything I try to blog about is contrary to how I feel and live. It has made me feel like a fake, so I will be blogging about my depression too, because somehow it has to fit in with the happy, fun and good. Somehow, I have to live. Lately I don’t want to. I also struggle with pituitary failure, and Arnold Chiari Syndrome. I have chronic migraines, am allergic to gluten, and struggle with asthma. Because of my pituitary failure I have no immunity, no stress response, and I have to take a LOT of steroids. These have made me gain weight. So basically I am overweight, bedridden, sick all the time, in intolerable pain, and depressed. It isn’t a pretty picture. Last month it got so bad that I wasn’t able to sleep for days...
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Ended: Uh Oh Bands Giveaway

Welcome to the Uh Oh Bands Giveaway Hosted by: SaraLee’s Deals Steals & Giveaways Sponsored by: Uh Oh Bands Our simple, intuitive design uses the international symbol for first aid to send out a quick “call to action” to “call my mommy”.  All you do is write your phone number on the back of the band.  It’s simple and potentially life-saving! My son wanders off frequently because he has severe ADHD, even though he is older now, we worry we will lose him. He just gets distracted and forgets. We have tried many tactics to teach him, but now I think it’s just time to take preventative actions. A few more things about our bands: •waterproof •durable •100% silicone – that means they’re latex allergen free! •comfortable •designed by a mom •GREAT for kids with autism and learning disabilities!!! Now for the giveaway: Two lucky people will win a UH...
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Our Year in Review

In honor of the New Year, I would like to look back at our past year and the many lessons and experiences we have had. Hopefully then I will have a better plan for what I want to keep, and what I want to change this year. I have contemplated this post for days, and have not found a good way to state what has happened, nor an elegant way to explain the many lessons and blessings that we have received. I have also experienced great anxiety about how others may read and possibly judge me and my family. So, my dear readers, please read this with understanding and compassion. We are not perfect. Our family has struggled greatly, and we have endured much that I never thought possible to survive. Fortunately I have, my family is intact, and we are looking forward to a much brighter and happier year...
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Birthdays and Giveaways

Today was my son’s birthday party. We played with Legos. It was the easiest party ever. Legos, cake, and presents. They all had a blast and my son is overjoyed with all his new Lego sets. His Aspergers makes him obsessed with Legos, so today was his favorite day ever. He even got to go to Target and pick out some thanks to gift cards from friends. He was so excited he couldn’t stop jumping up and down this morning and now he is exhausted. I don’t want to fail to mention the tragedy in Connecticut, but it is so sad, that I don’t have words. My husband teaches at an elementary school. The fact that the world is becoming more and more dangerous terrifies me, yet somehow I still have faith that most people are good, there is a life after this, a God who looks after us, and...
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Most children have many roles and things that they want to be when they grow up. I was unique in that mine never changed. I had contingency plans, but all I ever dreamed of and wanted was to have 12 kids and live on a farm. My favorite books are and were Cheaper By The Dozen,  and Joe’s Boys. When I met my husband I made it clear that no matter the sacrifice I wasn’t going to work. I would be home with our children and we would have as many as possible. I love cooking, baking, sewing, cleaning, playing with and teaching children, and I love everything about being a mother. Before our son was born, I lost to pregnancies to miscarriage. I was devastated. It was early, but my desire to be a mother was so strong that losing even one precious child took a piece of my...
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When Did I Become a Blubbering Mess – Warning, this is not a happy post.

It has been three weeks since my son has been diagnosed with Aspergers, OCD, and ADHD. I cry all the time. He is so angry, and so sad, and I don’t know how to help him. I also lack perspective. I worked with autistic kids, and studied them. It was academic. Now it is real. I know the challenges he will face, the struggles we will have. I know how to teach him, and that I will forever be the mean mother. My perfect baby who was going to have the healthy, happy life that I can’t now has to struggle. I did not want this for him. People keep suggesting I watch the t.v. show Parenthood. Today I watched the pilot and sobbed all the way through. The little boy is about the same age as mine, and has the same symptoms and problems. My son is a little...
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Life Can Be Hard

I have been avoiding the internet, blogging, and all things online for the past week or so. I have touched in with facebook, and occasionally made sure I didn’t have any important e-mails pending, but mostly I have gone off the grid. I have also been hiding in my room. Here is why: my son was just diagnosed with Apergers, OCD, ADHD, ODD, a mood disorder, social phobia, and sensory processing disorders. He may also have an eating disorder. In the last week, I have seen what it is like for a child to loose control and rage without remembering the incident, or even knowing why. I have watched my son struggle to understand why he has to take new medications everyday and what the name/label of Aspergers means. I have learned that I am not alone amongst even my neighbors in dealing with this disorder, and I have cried...
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