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Disney Movie Tomorrowland

When I started teaching 7th grade science in the 3rd largest school district in the country the students would tell me that the councilor had told them that they did not need to pass science, just math and English. Standardized tests don’t teach you science and we lost the drive to teach science as a major subject in school. NASA is loosing ground and private companies have to pick up the slack, but who will work for them? We need a new space race to inspire this generation forward into the future. We need a new way to teach these kids how to think like an innovator.

The makers movement can help create an atmosphere where tomorrow can flourish.

The makers movement is the idea of creating a space where people of differing talents can come together and create as a community. Using all the newest tools and each others’ expertise. Kids are coming up with new inventions all the time, but they need a place where this is encouraged. Teachers who use S.T.E.M. (Science, technology, engineering, and math) as the base of their lessons help student see a connection in the world. Science is not a lone subject to be ignored. It is the start of a new world. Places like the Exploratorium taught me the wonders of creating using S.T.E.M.

When kids go to Disneyland they think Tomorrowland is a place for Buzz Lightyear and Star Wars, but miss the Pavilion where they can see a real robot. Tomorrowland is a place to see what tomorrow can bring, a place to see the future. When we look at the great changes in the world. They came from dreamers who wanted to create something new. Walt Disney was one of these great dreamers who brought tomorrow into the here and now. Tomorrowland brings this dream to life with a story about people who want to change the world despite the challenges they face. Government oppression, poverty and the woes of the world are no match for the creative mind. This story resonates with the popular makers movement and S.T.E.M. (Science, technology, engineering, and math) concepts that are so needed by the youth of today. The movie has a great moral behind the story to get kids wanting to create something even if it is just an idea of what tomorrow should look like. Disney is all about changing the way we see the world and this movie shows us what Tomorrowland is supposed to represent. We need a Tomorrowland where kids can go to make the future. I just have one question to end this. Where is my flying car?

* To enter to win a “Makers” kit, please comment below on how you are supporting the dreamers in your life.*

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Postscript: My husband helped me write this post, as this is truly his domain. I cried through the end of the movie, as it reminded me so much of my husband and son. I would highly recommend this movie, and love it more than the Lego movie, and other movies that teach our children to dream!

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TOMORROWLAND is rated PG and is now playing in theaters everywhere!

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  1. Two of my granddaughters are home schooled and they are constantly learning, they are into Stem projects and are girl scouts, they are constantly busy, I support there endeavors by buying fund raising products, encouragement and of course congratulating them on being so busy and what they are learning. They are on a history trip this week to see Washington Dc, the capitol the spy museum and other areas, then they will be going to Jamestown, Virginia to see how colonists lived.

    1. I totally owe you some cool stuff. If you still want it, I can send it now. I have had major blog problems, and major health issues. I am sorry it took me this long. Please send me your information at


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