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The BFG and Sophie

The BFG is a wonderful movie! We went for a date night, and had a great evening. My husband loves movies, and is an elementary school teacher. He uses Roald Dahl’s books with his students, and is very familiar with the story and artwork. We received two preview tickets for our honest review. I am a Disney lover, and it is difficult for me to find reasons not to like everything Disney. They can and are criticized for many things, but I am also an idealist and love looking at the best in others. For the BFG I was a bit bored with the idea of going and grateful that it was a date night, so at least we got to go out together. We do not get a lot of date nights. I have read the book, and it isn’t my favorite. I don’t dislike it, but it is not a story I love, at least not as much as my son and husband.

I have to change that opinion. Disney did a brilliant job of conveying many beautiful themes, telling a great story, and staying true to the creations and visions of Roald Dahl. My husband says the BFG looks just like the drawings in the book, and the look of Giant Country, and Dream Country are also consistent. I loved the character of Sophie. The actress did an amazing job of making the BFG believable and lovable. Now children everywhere will be looking for a giant that comes out at night. As much of the movie is CGI, her ability to make the world seem real was imperative, and well-done.


As far as ratings and young children seeing this go, it was a very sweet movie. There is conflict, but never so much that makes you feel sad, or dark, or scared. Mostly just anxious or “how are they going to do that?” kind of feeling. The story has many themes, differences in others, bullies, standing up for yourself, growth and change in life, friendship, and bravery. There are hundreds of little lessons and learning opportunities to use with this film, and I imagine clips of it will become a staple for teachers using this literature. It is a movie that the whole family can enjoy.

Once again, I am in love with Disney. For me they took a silly story and turned it into a movie that I will watch again and again. I cannot wait to share it with our son, and see his reactions. For my husband, they created a real world where The BFG that he imagined while reading fit with the BFG he saw on-screen. I loved the Gobblefunk speak that the giants use, and have a glossary for you. Print it out and take it with you to the movie to enjoy the conversations between the BFG and Sophie even more. This is a great summer movie, and will be a fun Independence Day activity for families in the U.S.A.



By Natalie

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