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My family eats gluten free, and this is a great set of books for getting started, or adding to your gluten free recipe collection. I would love to help anyone who has been diagnosed as gluten intolerant, or who wants to start a gluten free diet. Please e-mail me at aliejudd@gmail.com, and I can walk you through the process. In fact, I am starting a new blog called Medical Soup, and Gluten Free, Milk Free, and other special diets will be a huge part of that blog. It is only hard at first, and then it is a great diet. We are in the process of going Vegan. I just finished watching “Forks over Knives” and am convinced that it a Whole foods diet with no processed foods or oils is going to help my family be healthy. It is a journey I will share on that blog, just as soon as I finish figuring out the technical details. I love writing, and sharing what I know.

I also have a Health Website at http://www.youruniquelifestyle.com. I am excited to start writing more and sharing more on that site as well. It is my professional/business site as I am now a Licensed Health Coach. I can do consultations online, over the phone, or in person. Your first consultation and health history are FREE!!  I am also excited to announce that through that site I will be putting out a weekly newsletter full of healthy eating and healthy lifestyle tips.

If you want to receive your free consultation and newsletter head over to my website and sign-up. I promise it will change your life for the better! Having a chronic illness and a son with special needs has given me a unique perspective on health, diet and lifestyle. I want to help others avoid some of the challenges we have struggled with, and would love to create a community where families like mine can help and support each other. I’m all about communities, and seeing as I get sick a lot, and going out in public with an autistic child can sometimes be a challenge, my online community is a little like my family or my friends. I may not ever meet some of you face-to-face, but I love you and would help you and share with you all the same. I am so grateful I found blogging and the associated communities. They are lifesavers, and have been more patient and understanding than many people I know in “real life”.

Blogging has saved my life, as it has been a source of information, support and community when I was stuck at home in bed, and when I have gone through episodes of serious depression. I have had major illnesses and surgeries. I’ve been there. I want to help. In fact this weekend I get to speak at the Niche Parenting Conference about blogging and having special needs children. I am super excited, and hope to share what I have learned and inspire other mom’s or people to join this amazing community. I also hope to create in our area a community that mirrors what I have found online. I may be disabled, and such, but I always have something to say, and I want to be busy helping and doing. So I do. Check out these books and let me help you, and you’ll help me in return.

3 thoughts on “Flash Sale, Gluten Free Books

  1. Michelle Proper says:

    I am seriously considering going gluten free because I heard it could help my MS. I need to start gathering books and info on it. Thanks!

    1. Natalie says:

      Michelle, If you need help going gluten free, I would love to help you. Just e-mail me at aliejudd@gmail.com. We have been gluten free for over 10 years.

    2. Natalie says:


      In addition to going gluten free, you may want to look into Essential Oils. Young Living has a protocol they use to limit the symptoms of MS. I have just started using them, and have seen dramatic improvements already. It can seem expensive, but compared to the meds I was on and the side-effects, it is a better, safer option. I would just be careful to try one at a time, and go with the purest brand of oils that you can find. I chose Young Living because they own their own farms, and process their own oils and are extremely rigid in their standards. I’ve tried others, but didn’t see any results until I started with Young Living. I will be sharing more on my website as I learn more, and if you are interested, I would love to share. I have finally found a product and a cause that works, and that I am ecstatically passionate about. I hope you feel better, and if you need help going gluten free, I’m your girl. I will probably start a series on that soon too.

      Thanks for the comments.

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