Fri. Jun 21st, 2024
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I was supposed to host a party for Disney, and then post beautiful pictures of the fun we had. Instead I’ve had month after month of medical emergencies and lingering illnesses. It isn’t fun. Our parties have had to be canceled, and even ideas of going from person to person celebrating in little moments have fallen through as my son broke his arm, and I got bronchitis, again. I will eventually use the party supplies and share the swag, but until then, I wanted to share my #disneyside.

We love Disneyland and everything Disney. Adding Marvel and Star Wars and you have everything my family collects, follows and is addicted to wrapped up in a lovely package. We see the movies, own them, and watch them repeatedly. We love super heroes, great love stories, and all the little details that goes into the Magic of Disneyland.

In spite of depression and chronic illness, I have hope for a happy ending. I hang on through hours of pain, with the hope that light will triumph over dark and that joy can be had. I love that as time has passed the princesses have become more of their own heroines. I love being saved by the prince, but I also love knowing I can save myself and others. Ultimately I love that friendship and wonder triumph over all, that peace reigns and hope endures. I know this is true of life, and I love heroes and heroines that show it in movies and books. I am not a dystopian. I believe that ultimately happiness comes after sorrow and light after dark. I may be going through the toughest fight of my life now (more on that later), but I know I can win because good wins. Happiness is possible, and Disney exists to prove to us all that there is magic in the world.

Just for fun, my son, husband and I recorded some silly reviews. I hope you enjoy them.






By Natalie

I am a wife, mother and blogger. I love to share what I learn and am constantly learning. My family lives with an Aspergers child, chronic illness and constant financial issues. I blog about this and ways to make life fun and fulfilling in spite of it all. I also blog with Sublime Media Connections, Kate and Kaboodle and several other amazing blog teams. I love what I do, but I am human and often make mistakes, which is why my motto is "muddling through".

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