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I am officially a Natures’ Sleep blogger, which makes me all kind of giddy. With a chronic illness I practically live in bed, and so anything that makes that experience better is one that I am anxious to try. This month I had the opportunity to check out their slippers. They have become my new house shoes. I used to walk around barefoot a lot, but it is winter and my feet get cold. I love the open toe design that got to choose, and I enjoy that they are sturdy enough to wear outside to take out the trash or simple things like that, but gentle and warm for my feet. Mine are a pale blue, which is a color that I love, and that matches most of my pajamas. I keep them by the bed, and am developing the habit of slipping them on whenever I get out of bed, even if it is just to go to the bathroom at night. I have never owned a set of nice slippers. I live in Las Vegas, and there never seemed to be the need. However, with an autistic son obsessed with Legos who can’t quite figure out how to keep them all picked up, these slippers have saved my feet many an injury. I also enjoy that they take pressure off of my knees which are a bit arthritic. Overall, they are comfortable, sturdy and stylish, and I would recommend them to anyone. Now if they just made tennis shoes, or everyday shoes I would be in Heaven. 🙂

IMG_1034See, beautiful slippers for a lovely time at home.


Nature’s Sleep Slippers Review


What is it?

Nature’s Sleep Open Toe Terry Slippers, Lavender Color

Natures Sleep Slippers Review 4

The Details

I was so excited when these slippers came.  I had originally planned on doing the review and then giving them to my mother for Christmas.  Then, I got greedy and decided to keep them for myself.  (Sorry Mom!)  Because the bottom of the sole contains visco-elastic memory foam, walking in these slippers is like walking on a cloud.

We have hardwood floors, and they get chilly in the winter.  The slippers keep my feet nice and cozy no matter what the temperature outside.  They have rubber soles, so they grip the floors too.  No worrying about my clumsy self slipping and breaking my neck in them.  Even going up stairs, they conform to my feet, so they don’t fall off like other slippers do.

I’m also rough on them.  I wear them outside to take the garbage to the curb, or to grab something out of the car.  The soles protect my feet just like regular shoes.  Maybe even better than some shoes I own.

Natures Sleep Slippers Review 1

Who needs this?

Call them slippers, house shoes, whatever.  I think everyone should have a good pair.  Unfortunately, these don’t come in children’s sizes, but the size Small would have fit me as a kid.  They come in sizes S-XL, and in colors Lavender, Mocha, and Pale Blue.  They do have another style of slipper, and that one comes in pink as well.  I can’t imagine anyone who couldn’t use these.   They also come with a limited 90-day warranty, so if for some reason you’re not happy, you just send them back.


The lavender is a very light color, and they get dirty really easily.  I’m not sure if this would happen with the other colors.  Either way, you can throw them in the washing machine if they need to be cleaned.

Where can I find it?

You can get your own pair on the Natures Sleeep website for $25.   Shipping and Handling is free, and they usually ship in 1-2 business days.

Disclosure: I was provided with a pair of Nature’s Sleep slippers for review purposes.  I was not under any obligation to provide a positive review.  All opinions are 100% my own.  This post might contain affiliate links.

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