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Gutzy Gear

My son was thrilled to be able to share Gutzy Gear with his entire second grade class. Because the class is so large, we had the kids play a few games to earn patches, and when they all had two, they got to trade for patches that they really wanted. It was extremely generous of Gutzy Gear to provide all the materials for each child, and the games. The kids loved trading the patches, and still have them on their backpacks. We did this the first week of school, and then I waited to see if the patches would get lost, wear off, or get old. My son still loves them, and even transferred them to a new backpack when the other backpack wore out. The patches look like new and have not be lost or fallen off by accident. My son is NOT careful with his backpack.

The Gutzy Gear party package comes complete with food and snack ideas, starter kits for every child, and extra patches to trade. They include everything you need for the games and take all the planning and work out of the party. All I had to do was a little bit of cutting, mix up the snacks, and run the games. Each child has the opportunity to create their own custom patch on a paper template, and they had fun playing Gutzy Gear related games to earn patches. I had a blast hosting the party, and the kids had a lot of fun.

We have found Gutzy Gear in a wide variety of stores and my son is always on the lookout for ones he doesn’t have. I know you can find them at Target, Walmart, Kmart and Office Depot. They have straps for typical backpacks, and straps for messenger style bags. There are also a wide variety of patches for boys and girls, and a Gutzy G patch. We love the variety and style. It is a fun party, and would be ideal for birthdays, and other events. Most of the planning is done by the company. You just have to purchase enough patches for everyone and prep the refreshments. I have never walked away from an event like that so relaxed and pleased with the results. His whole class still has them on their backpacks and wears them everyday. I know that many have collected more. My son is currently in pursuit of a Dragon patch.


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I was given product by Gutzy Gear in return for an honest review. All opinion above are my own. Giveaway fulfillment is the responsibility of Gutzy Gear and not Newswahl.

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