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Disclaimer: This is my blog and all opinions in it are mine. I am a distributor with Young Living, but unless you buy from me, I get no financial or other gain from this post. These are not the views of anyone but myself, and should be used as such.

I just came back from Young Living’s 20th Anniversary Convention. I have many medical conditions, and was actually forced to come home early because I reacted to medications that doctor’s were trying on me. I did get to meet the people involved in Young Living. I learned where and how the oils are made, the stringent testing required and a lot of other wonderful and amazing things. Top of my list are they have some NEW oil blends for people with PTSD, Depression and Autism, and I can’t wait to share and use them.

Because of my medical conditions, I have tried a lot of therapies, have seen hundreds of doctor’s, had multiple surgeries, dealt with intense, chronic pain, fatigue and depression and anxiety that has left me struggling for a reason to live, and unable to leave my home and sometimes my bed. I have been close to death. We are religious and have prayed and sought answers. This is my answer.

I was a DoTerra distributor. I am not anymore. Young Living’s oils are pure, they are  from farms that grow the herbs without pesticides or herbicides. They are  distilled at the farms with only steam distillation and they are  strictly tested before bottling and distribution. There are no oils that work like Young Livings, and I have tried many different types and kinds over the years.

These oils have already improved my mood in ways that are difficult and joyous to describe. I have hope. I am half doses of my medications. I can leave the house without fear. I am not having panic attacks all the time, and I am generally happy. When I feel really sick, or am in intense pain, I still feel hopeful, and I get through those episodes easier. Those episodes are also fewer and there is greater time between. This isn’t a cure, but it is still a miracle to me. Nothing had worked in the past, and the medications they gave me to try even as early as last week had awful side-effects. The oils don’t.

The new blends for autism, the stories presented by those who had used them, and my son’s willingness to try them give me great hope for him!! They are natural and safe. The side effects are all beneficial, and I can’t wait to see where we are next year with these oils. My goals are to reach their level of Crown Diamond, and to heal my pituitary gland and body. I will keep general updates on this site, but if you really want to learn more, go and follow my site at http://www.nataliewahl.ylsocial.net, or http://www.medicalsoup.com.


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