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Avengers: Endgame – Well Played

Damon’s Thoughts: I read the original Infinity Gauntlet when it came out. So I’m a big nerd. I was fan-girling so hard just driving to the theater. I had tried to stay away from spoilers but had seen several fan theories on how this would end.  I had done my research and re-watched the movies leading up to this.  I had thought I was prepared. So many “hads” and it all came crashing down.  It was amazing.  It seemed slow at times because they were building story and not just fighting.  I laughed at so many inside jokes and nerd references, I started to worry the other attendees would get mad at me.  I tried not to cry ( I am not confirming any tears, but I’m not a monster).  The fan theories tried to figure it out, but fell far short of what happens.  No one saw this coming and...
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