Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Rather than overwhelm myself with a years worth of goals, I am going to go month by month, and hold myself accountable via the blog.

I divide my goals into categories, and usually like to have a written plan in my planner, and set deadlines, as all the wonderful experts suggest. The good news is that I am very driven and tend to achieve my goals. The bad news is that I often try to do too much.

Family –

  1. Get  therapy and other interventions in place for Benjamin. Make family time “fun” therapy times.
  2. Establish weekly date nights with my husband.

Spiritual –

  1. Read the Book of Mormon
  2. Pray out loud at least once daily.

Physical –

  1. Exercise daily – I have joined a Dahn yoga studio and need to go everyday. We also have a Disney dance program for the Wii that will be awesome, and I need to work with Benjamin on his gross motor skills.
  2. Eat a raw foods/paleo/vegan combination diet. Basically lots of vegetables and fresh produce. Very little meat, and cut the sugar.

Intellectual –

  1. Finish Institute of Integrated Nutrition Courses.
  2. Read and Review a book a week.

Social –

  1. Contact through e-mail, skype or phone one friend a week.
  2. Create new friends and connections in the autism community.

Professional –

  1. Blog Daily, and establish blog posts in advance.
  2. Be a guest blogger for many groups.
  3. Basically improve my writing, make it frequent and constant part of my routine

Health –

  1. Get enough rest. Establish a sleep routine.
  2. Find a specialist in pituitary failure for consult.
  3. Work on getting disability.

Household –

  1. Re-establish Flylady Routines
  2. Cook nightly dinners.

Financial –

  1. Record all expenses and establish a budget.
  2. Start using cash method.
  3. Work on disability, medicare, and medicaid for Benjamin and I. Apply for grants for both of our medical needs and services.
  4. Recover our credit scores and eliminate our debt.

Finally, I would love to move to a more family friendly neighborhood or city by the end of this summer. This will be an ongoing process as most of it is my husband’s ability to find a job in another area. If we can find the services and support we need here, then I am happy to stay, but I would love to live somewhere green with seasons and a garden and where Benjamin can run around outside and play. I would also love to find a place with great autistic services for my son, and better medical care for myself. It is hard when your doctors are just guessing.

There are more goals here than I was initially hoping for, but they are all pressing matters. I love being busy, and will always find a way to occupy myself. These are not resolutions, but rather things that need to be accomplished and are important to me and my families well-being, which makes them stronger. Some people struggle with goals. I am working to become a health coach and a life coach. If you feel the need for a support system for your goals. Someone who can help you define reasonable goals and hold you accountable. I’m your girl. Just get my your e-mail information, or leave a comment below, and I will create a group or a personal contact to keep us all accountable and up to date on our goals. My favorite part of goal setting is the feeling of accomplishment that comes when you complete the goal. I also love the excitement of moving on to the next set of goals knowing that I can always become better.



By Natalie

I am a wife, mother and blogger. I love to share what I learn and am constantly learning. My family lives with an Aspergers child, chronic illness and constant financial issues. I blog about this and ways to make life fun and fulfilling in spite of it all. I also blog with Sublime Media Connections, Kate and Kaboodle and several other amazing blog teams. I love what I do, but I am human and often make mistakes, which is why my motto is "muddling through".

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