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Memorial Day

We are having a nice quite memorial day. My son and husband went fossil hunting and found some great fossils off the beaten path. We turn them in to the Springs Preservehttp://www.springspreserve.org. They have an amazing nature exchange. My son brings in pine cones, and other natural items. The more he can tell them about the object, or if he writes about it, he gets points. The points can then be traded for other items like special rocks and seashells. It’s an awesome program. He’s been doing since he was two and has a lot of points. We also have an amazing rock and nature collection. I hooked my husband to pinterest. He’s been on it all afternoon. We’re watching movies and pinning away. It is a great way to spend a holiday. Lest my readers think I’m lazy, I also mopped the kitchen, did laundry and dishes, cleaned out...
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Mother’s Day

Today was a wonderful day. I got breakfast in bed, mini roses, and chocolate. What’s not to love. My husband dealt with the rowdy 7-year-old, who we forgot to give his ADHD meds to, and I slept a wonderful sleep where I saved the community and a child from the apocolypse. I have been having strange dreams lately. My brother skyped my mom from Australia where he is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He is doing well, speaking Mandarin, and otherwise enjoying sharing our faith with others. Coincidental all of my other siblings managed to call in during his call, so we all got to hear his voice and ask him questions. It is the first time we’ve talked to him since January, and the last time we’ll hear from him until Christmas. We have letters and his e-mails, but it was...
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