eShakti Dress Review

I had the delightful experience to receive and review an eShakti dress for the upcoming Fall Fashionista Event with Still Blonde After All These Years and Modly Chic. I received a gorgeous turquoise dress with a stitched trim. The dress was tailored to my specific...
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*Ended Win $100 with TV Dinner Event

Have you played the TV Dinner app on your iPad before? So FUN! You get together with other fans, friends or family and chat while watching your favorite TV shows. Like the show So You Think You Can Dance! Anyone else a fan? I love...
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*Ended Win Free Flowers

I am a girly girl and adore flowers. I usually get more practical gifts, but this week I got roses. I about swooned. 🙂 My husband is practical and frugal and rarely buys me flowers just for fun. I would love these to be delivered...
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