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Damon Here:

I would just like to start by saying the new Wookie they have playing the young Chewie was spot on and I believed he was a younger version. I went in thinking that the movie would hinge on the actors playing younger version of iconic characters. I was right, and pleased with the results. You really can believe that they are the younger versions. You see how the characters developed into the people we know and love. We even see the evolution of the Millennium Falcon, which was one of my favorite parts.

This movie was hard to make good because we know the main characters will survive. We know the end of the story so how do you make it feel like a new story? This whole movie from start to finish kept you guessing and had one twist after another.  Who would show up next? What just happened? And where is this going to end? Were all questions that ran through my head as I watched.

I have read all the books (formerly known as the “Expanded Universe”), watched all the movies (even the Ewok ones), been through all the TV shows (I really loved the original Clone Wars mini series), and done everything in between (from games to comics and more)! This means I knew the stories that came before. This is a new take but still feels like it belongs with the Galaxy Far Far Away. The connections and integration will be a YouTube easter-egg extravaganza for months to come and I eagerly await where they will take this franchise.

The new characters are fantastic. The aliens are great to watch. The action is fun and even light saber free. So I highly recommend this movie for all ages and fan types. Go, watch, and don’t trust anyone.

Natalie Here:

I entered the Star Wars universe at the point where the newer Trilogy came out. I waited in lines and was the first to see The Phantom Menace. I had seen the older movies, but the new ones fit my desires for better graphics and action at that point in my life. The first three movies all came out as I was a teenager, then wife and young mother.  I thoroughly enjoyed the stories and action! (I agree with critics about Anakin’s weaknesses, but otherwise I love the stories and battles.)

It was also during this time that I married the above Star Wars aficionado (or nerd!) Damon really has read and followed every book, toy, game, movie, theory and whatever else he could find. It is fun, but a little overwhelming sometimes. We own a full set of Fisher Price characters, and my son’s first real word was “Palpatine”. I would classify our family as Star Wars fanatics. 🙂

I agree that this movie hinged on believing Han Solo and Chewbacca were younger versions of themselves, and I was also concerned about how they would write a new story for a group whose fates are already known. I was not disappointed. Sure, things could be perfectly matched to meet all our childhood dreams and expectations, but that is an unrealistic expectation for anyone to meet since we all have such different ideas of what that means. This story was fun, believable, and grew the Universe that I love!

I am glad that Disney moved away from the Expanded Universe. It was too cumbersome and disjointed for me to follow, and a bit dated (in my opinion – of course) They have done a great job of tying the old faces and new together to create a story that keeps you guessing and gives them room to build.

I loved the action. It is my new favorite heist movie. There are great battles and stunts. Chewbacca is awesome and a little scary! The story seems predictable, but isn’t. The young characters that I was concerned for were great at playing their iconic roles. I had no trouble believing that I was watching a young Han Solo, Chewbacca, or Lando. I loved the tie-ins and nods to the originals and the Expanded Universe. I would add this to your Memorial Day Weekend activities, your watch list, and your movies to own list. I don’t have many movies or books that I return to, but this is one I would see many times. I love the stories of how people become who they are, and I hope that Disney continues to give us many more Star Wars films like this.


My husband and I received free tickets to a preview of this movie in exchange for this review. All opinions are our own, and there are no other compensations or consequences. If we didn’t like it, we’d tell you!

By Natalie

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