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What child doesn’t love stickers or books with THEIR name on them? I know I coveted them when I was a child. Sadly, when I was a child, there was nothing with my name on it. Come to think of it, there still is nothing available, right off the rack, with my name on it. Liberty. Not enough Liberty’s out there to necessitate the mass production of pencils or bike name plates with our name on them. And oh, how I would look through each section of personalized gifts for kids. Maybe, hidden behind all the Amandas and Tommys, maybe their was a lonely Liberty, waiting just for me. There never was.

Somehow, I didn’t make it any easier on any of my own children. While they all have names that are not exactly uncommon, I did spell them in more unique ways. At least I did with my girls’ names. I felt as though I could take more creative license with their names than the boys’ names. I took normal names like Taylor and Madeline and make them my own. I gave my girls names with a twist; leaving them wishing they could find just one set of stickers with their name on it when we visit Michael’s or Target.

Personalized Gifts for Kids

Personalized Gifts for Kids by FreckleboxFinding that perfect gift for your little one, one that is both personal and special, is easier than you might imagine. Frecklebox specializes in personalized gifts for kids that are seriously cute and very affordable. They take the guesswork out of finding something that is uniquely adorable for that special sweetie in your life.

Frecklebox offers personalized gifts for kids that are perfect for:

  • School
    • with gifts that include: binders, notebooks, sight words and lunch boxes.
  • Home
    • with gifts that include: chore charts, coin banks, growth charts and placemats.
  • Activities
    • with gifts that include: stickers, sketchbooks, puzzles and coloring books.

With dozens of designs and themes, you can find the perfect gift for any occasion. Frecklebox makes it quick and easy to customize each item so that it prominently features the name of the child that will receive the gift, making each item delightfully fun and entertaining.

Frecklebox founders, Scott and Mark, both dads, “take the job of expanding their children’s minds very seriously” and put that passion in their company and each personalized gift they create.

“Frecklebox is committed to delivering the responsive customer service and fast turnaround on all orders. We maintain the highest standards for product quality, strive to deliver affordable gifts, and produce eco-friendly products.” –

My own children have become Freckleheads, as Scott and Mark lovingly call their Frecklebox family. They loved the personalized coloring books, bookmarks and coin banks we ordered from Frecklebox. And I have to be completely honest, I had a harder time choosing what to order than they did. I was wanting to share with them a sampling of the personalized gifts for kids that Frecklebox offers. But that was not easy, simply because everything is so cute!

Personalized Gifts for Kids

We were not disappointed when they box arrived in short order. Delivery was fast, everything was well packed for shipping and our Frecklebox items were just as adorable as I knew they would be. They made my daughters and niece very happy and THAT makes momma happy as well. I am secretly looking forward to my next order from Frecklebox, this time including something special for, dare I say, me.

Would you like to learn more about Frecklebox’s Personalized Gifts for Kids? You can follow them on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. You can also download free personalized coloring pages! Let your child pick their favorite, personalize it for them and print it from home.

Liberty Ann is a photographer extraordinaire, life coach, and blogger who has a sometimes snarky and irreverent approach to life. Her personal blog, Naturally Frugalicious, offers perspectives on healthy eating and frugal living through recipes, tips, and DIY projects. When she isn’t blogging or elbow deep in her photography, Liberty can be found drinking a glass of wine and getting lost in Pinterest.

She can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

My son would love this. There is something magical about a kids name. It makes whatever the item is that much more special and desirable. 🙂


One lucky reader will win a $40 Gift Card for Frecklebox! This giveaway begins on 10/11 and ends on 10/25.
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