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Zootopia Review
This review is two weeks late due to severe illness on my part. I am sorry. However, like all Disney classics, this is a movie that you will want to watch again and again. Whether in theaters or your own home. It is a fun show with lots of themes that we face in society. This addresses them in a kid friendly way and will hopefully spark many great conversations! My son and husband got to see this movie for free in exchange for their honest review. As always, any opinions expressed on this blog are our own. They also hope to see more of the Zootopia world, whether in sequels, or in a cartoon series, which means it must have been great!
       I am reminded of the movie “Bed Knobs and Broomsticks” where the cartoon animals lived in their own kingdom. Or the movie “Robinhood”, where the cartoon animals lived in their own niches in their world. Zootopia is a wonderful addition and update to the cartoon animal universe.  The whole world is well designed and you will enjoy every little detail the movie makers added for each animal group.
        My son and I watched it together and he thought it was great, though he held me tight during the scary parts. He did not get the part were the animals are not wearing clothes (nudity warning), and he laughed at all the silly jokes.  He could not stop talking about it and his favorite character the sloth Flash.
        Overall this a good take on the theme of the naive, fresh cop who no one likes at first.  It was a good way to discuss the topic of race, stereotyping, and prejudice with children. There were enough twists and turns for the adults as well as subtle jokes to keep you entertained.  My son even said he would like to see a sequel or TV show based on this movie.


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ZOOTOPIA opens in theatres everywhere on March 4th! Catch it today, or if you’re in Vegas, this is a great Spring Break activity!


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