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Millenium Falcon

My family is a bit on the nerdy side. My husband loves all things Star Wars and collects Boba Fett everything. My son had Star Wars toys before he was born, and his first real word was “Palpatine”. When we took him to Disneyland for the first time, he was in love with Darth Maul and tried to hug him. (He was 2, and Darth Maul was having a hard time keeping a straight face.) So when I got the opportunity to preview and review Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I was overjoyed. Never mind that I have been sick since Thanksgiving, I was there!

The new Star Wars movie was awesome! I am trying really hard not to give away anything because my husband and son have not yet seen it. I am super excited to go with them to the theater and enjoy their joy! The movie was great. The story was involved and had all the great elements I was hoping for! There are plans for more movies and off-shoots, which makes my heart happy, and they set them all up perfectly in this movie. My only real complaint is having to wait for them to come out.

I was not looking for perfect acting, directing, or anything like that. I was looking for a great adventure story that I can share with my family. There are some adult themes in this film, as in all the Star Wars films. I would be cautious about taking really young children to this movie, and there are scenes that I will be talking my son through. However, he will absolutely get to see it in the theater, as soon as my husband is feeling better.

As I have prepared for this post, I realized that Star Wars has become a multi-generational saga. My parents watched and loved the movies, and the originals came out when I was young, and my husband was young. The first 3 came out when I was a teenager and then newlywed. I went to the opening night showing of Episode 1. Stood in line for hours with my brother and his friend and everything. I was their “ride”, but I secretly loved the experience. Now there is a new story, and a new adventure for my son, and his peers. He will share these movies with his friends and possibly children. Their are only a few other things that have captured the love and following that Star Wars has. Doctor Who is one that my family loves. No matter what criticism may appear on the internet, this movie is a family love and will be an enduring tradition in my family.



By Natalie

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