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Traveling is something that I used to fear, but now crave. We won an amazing vacation to Roatan Honduras, and I cannot wait to go!! I was super excited to receive the great Pack It World Traveler System Set from Eagle Creek to review. It is my favorite color, blue, and perfect for organizing for my special trip. I love being organized, and a am a bit OCD. Traveling will be simpler, and much more exciting with an organized suitcase to place everything in. I will also have more room to bring back souvenirs for my son. With an organized suitcase I hope to put everything in carry-on and save us money. Later this year I also hope to travel to Chicago to visit my sister. So many fun reasons to use these fabulous products, and now that I have them, I keep thinking of more.


No matter how often you travel, being organized and having the correct supplies to get you to your destination are essential. Eagle Creek’s travel set contains a Pack It Folder for shirts, blouses, slacks and sweaters, with a special board to help you fold them so they don’t wrinkle. There is also a Pack It Cube that holds anything that you can roll, including undergarments, t-shirts, shorts, and pj’s. The Pack It Pouch is the perfect size for toiletries, cosmetics, or in my case, medications. There are also many other fabulous products available on their website. You can purchase this set from Eagle Creek for $40 or come back for our giveaway to win your own set.

Connect With Eagle Creek:
I received the above products through Sublime Media Connection in exchange for an honest review. In no way was I asked to give a positive review.

By Natalie

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36 thoughts on “Pack It World Traveler System”
  1. I really like that the pack it folder has a special board to help with folding shirts to be more neat and organized and less messy and wrinkled

  2. Thanks for the review. I like the additions they have to help you roll items and flatten things out to prevent wrinkling. I hate wrinkled clothes. Sounds like a great system to own.

  3. I love to be organized, especially when I travel. This system looks like it would be the key to organization. I love the instructions that come with the system – I am one that needs instructions.

  4. What a blessing to win a vacation and accessories to go with it! I really like this travel system…it makes traveling so much more organized. A must have!

  5. It looks like a very nice luggage system. I like the way they give you tips on how to use the luggage. Plus it is very pretty!

  6. I like that it has a board to keep shirts from wrinkling, and the pack cube is also helpful to stay organized.

  7. I love the EC Adventure 4 wheel 28″ suitcase. So big and roomy and easy to maneuver, it would be a dream when traveling!

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